ABOUT OUR glass recycling services

Make May Glass Recycling Ltd your first choice for efficient glass collection services.

Over 80 Years combined knowledge and industry experience

When initially starting out in 2013, we specialised in the collection of flat glass from glass processors and double-glazing manufacturers as well as waste automotive glass. In the first year, we collected over 15,000 tons of flat glass which was exported into Europe for reprocessing. Since then, we have continued to grow our collections and are handling 15,000 tons of flat glass of which much is reprocessed within the UK into new flat glass, fibreglass insulations, etc. We also handle all types of waste glass – bottles from pubs and clubs to glasses and stone aggregates from recycling plants across the UK.

In 2016, we also launched the UK’s only clean flat glass wheelie bin collection service in London and Essex. Our specialist truck allows us to collect from glass shops and units that are unable to facilitate a 10-yard skip, but still have a considerable amount of clean flat glass waste. This service is operated through 660-litre bins.