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Recycling and management of
your glass waste

Recycling glass not only helps to save energy and the environment but it can also be used to manufacture aggregates and bricks. Unlike other materials, glass can be recycled endlessly with no loss in its clarity or purity. Our experts depend on innovative glass recycling methods to process old glass into first-class supplies such as new bottles and jars.

We can provide efficient transportation to deliver your waste glass to authorised recycling facilities keeping it outside landfills. For your convenience, we can visit your premises at a flexible scheduled collection time with the right size of bins to suit your needs. Our recycled glass is supplied to various outlets in the UK and Europe.

Collection of Flat Glass

May Glass Recycling offer a wide range of collection services to suit customer needs. We can provide efficient transportation to deliver your waste glass to authorised recycling facilities, keeping it from landfill and minimising the impact on the environment.

For your convenience, we can visit your premises to deliver and exchange skips or bins.
Our chain lift skip vehicles operate at either 26tonne (single skip) or 44tonne with a trailer (3 skips). Our roll on-off vehicles operate at either 26 tonne (single RORO) or 44 tonnes with a trailer (2 RORO)

The skips we have available are:
– 10 yard open top 1.22m(H)x 4.24m(L)x 1.71m(W)
– 20 yard Roll on off
– 40 yard Roll on off
– 660 litre, 4 wheel bins (selected areas only)

If you are looking for a disposal outlet, third party tipping for glass is available at our Rainham, Essex facility.

Clean Plate glass

Clean plate glass, which is often the off cuts from the glass processors and toughened glass, is collected and delivered to our Rainham facility, where it is tipped into storage bays and visually inspected before beginning the reprocessing journey. During reprocessing, the material is passed through a picking station to remove any visual contamination, then various magnets remove any metal content before finally passing through a metal detector to ensure that no trace of metal is left. The processed glass is then ready to be delivered to the end-user.

Automotive glass

Car windscreens are one of the most challenging glass materials to recycle due to the laminate interlayer and rubber trim. May Glass Recycling have partners both in the UK and Europe, who are able to recover as much glass from the windscreens without losing too much cullet.

Mixed Plate glass

Mixed plate glass, is a mixture of laminated, float, toughened, wired and double-glazed units. It is either collected and delivered to Rainham, and bulk stored before being transferred to our reprocessing partners in the UK, or collected and delivered straight to them. This material takes on a lengthy process before finally being end user ready.

Stone & Glass Aggregate

The glass aggregate material handled by May Glass recycling is sent to a state of the art washing facility, where it is cleaned and separated from all waste before being reused in the construction industry.

Waste collections

With the industry knowledge and connections at May Glass Recycling, we are able to offer full waste management packages, not just for glass.

What Happens With Your Glass?